Joe McQueen Quartet

Joe McQueen has been performing for over 80 years and at the seasoned age of 98, he’s not slowing down! Joe McQueen continues to perform over 50 shows a year with his quartet featuring Ryan Conger on Hammond organ, Brad Wright on guitar, and Dr. Don Keipp on drums. The quartet recently released a full length album on vinyl, CD and digital entitled The Legendary Joe McQueen Quartet- produced by Ryan Conger.

Arriving in Ogden, Utah on December 7th 1945, Joe McQueen originally intended to play a weeks worth of gigs, but wound up staying and making Utah his home. Over the years, Joe McQueen has had the distinction of being the first African American Musician to play white clubs in Ogden Utah, as well as being the first African American to attend white clubs in Salt Lake City, when Dizzy Gillespie put Joe and famed jazz DJ Al Jazzbo Collins on the guest list. During his lifetime, Joe has had the opportunity to perform with such noted legends as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, and many many others.

In 2002, Utah Governor Mike Leavitt declared April 18th to be Joe McQueen Day. Over the past 13 years, this date has been marked with many concerts, celebrations and events.