Hammond organist and vintage electronic keyboard specialist, Ryan Conger, is pushing the world of jazz and boogaloo music into new territories. Joined by his long-time friends, Wade Evans and Travis Taylor, this new trio has just released their first album,
entitled “Earthestra”. Combining elements of African and Cuban rhythms, Turkish folk music, classical Indian ragas, and a variety of instruments from around the world with his own unique blend of Hammond organ driven boogaloo, this band has created a new kind of world music that is groovy, earthy, spacious, and authentic to its core!

A little on the band members:

Ryan Conger

Ryan Conger has been making waves lately as one of Northern Utah’s premier jazz musicians. Specializing in the rich tradition of the Hammond organ and other vintage electronic keyboards, you can find Ryan playing alongside the jazz legends Joe McQueen and Corey Christiansen, and leading his own jazz boogaloo groups all over the state of Utah. You’ll also see him playing as a featured member in a variety of diverse groups including: Talia Keys and Friends (rock), Shaky Trade (funk), Mountain Boogaloo (jazz) and many others. Ryan was selected, along with two of his performing groups, as “Best Jazz Artists” by City Weekly (Utah’s premier weekly entertainment magazine) in 2016. Ryan also has an extensive background in recording and producing a variety of music and brings all of these skills and more to the table in this latest musical offering.

Wade Evans

To call Wade Evans a multi-instrumentalist would be an understatement. If we were to compile a comprehensive list of the instruments that he has collected, and regularly performs on, we’d be here for a while. What really sets Wade apart from the crowd is not the number of instruments that he is proficient at, but the incredible depth and amount of time that he has spent studying and performing them in their countries of origin alongside teachers, piers and masters of the trade! Over the past 10 years, Wade has spent nearly half out of the country, emersing himself in the cultures and musical traditions of Turkey, India, Afganistan, and many other countries. On this latest album release, Wade is featured on the sitar, bansuri, and Mohan Vina (India), Oud and Ney (Turkey), and the electric guitar.

Travis Taylor

With a strong background in African drumming, Brazilian and Cuban rhythms, jazz, funk and fusion, you name it, Travis Taylor is a first call drummer and percussionist for just about any genre of music in Northern Utah. The list of bands that Travis has played with over the years, and is currently playing with, is exhastive including: long-time local jam band favorites, Tanglewood, Brazilian jazz greats, Michael Christiansen and Eric Nelson, local jazz-fusion favorites, Orjazm and many others. Travis is the fuel that drives this band and the glue that holds them together!

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Earthestra Instruments
A small sampling of the many instruments used on the album
Wade BW
Wade Evans- oud

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