Ryan Conger is an audio engineer, graphic designer, multimedia producer, active performer, and studio musician- specializing in the Hammond organ, synthesizers, and vintage electro-mechanical keyboards. He holds a Master’s Degree in Music Technology at Southern Utah University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Studies from Utah State University. He is currently a professor at Utah State University where he teaches classes in music technology, jazz piano, and music education. He is also a music and audio technology instructor at Fast Forward Charter High School in Logan, Utah.

With his unique skill set, in-depth experience, and impressive collection of vintage keyboard equipment, Ryan is a very in-demand sound engineer and studio musician. Specializing in capturing live multi-track audio recordings on location, he has recorded and mixed live shows for artists including: Booker-T, Amy Helm, Mike Stern, The Krueger Brothers, and The Legendary Joe McQueen. Ryan has also recorded, produced, and/ or performed on a number of critically acclaimed studio albums recently, including: Lessons- Talia Keys (2022), Outside the Bach’s- The Inventures (2019), We’re Here– Talia Keys and the Love (2018), Water– Grits Green (2017), Earthestra– Ryan Conger (2016), The Legendary Joe McQueen Quartet (2014). He also composed the original soundtrack music for the documentary film, A Tale of Two Totters (2010).

Ryan Conger has performed at a number of prestigious international festivals and concerts including The Montreux, Vienne, and Umbria Jazz Festivals. He also maintains a busy local performance schedule with a wide variety of Utah based bands including: Talia Keys and the Love, Mountain Boogaloo, Earthestra, and the Ryan Conger Group.

Ryan’s latest album, Spacecaseace and The New Fang Dangled (2020), is a multi-media exploration in audio-centric visual storytelling. Recording in Varanasi, India, the Canary Islands, and the United States, Ryan worked with vocalists, instrumentalists, graphic artists, and recording engineers from around the world, combining a wide range of styles, genres, and artistic mediums with his own unique blend of world, jazz, funk, electronic music, and sci-fi influences to create a new vision of a concept multimedia album.