Ryan Conger is a multi-faceted instrumentalist specializing in the mighty Hammond organ, vintage keyboards and synthesizers. With his feet planted firmly in the roots and traditions of early jazz, blues, boogaloo and soul music and his eyes and ears looking forward to the future of music, Ryan is equally at home sweating out greasy jazz in the local clubs as he is programing synthesizer layers in the recording studio.

Known for his unique prowess on the Hammond organ, Ryan keeps a busy performance schedule- performing regularly with several groups including:  Joe McQueenTalia Keys and The Love, Mountain Boogaloo, Shaky Trade, and Earthestra.

Ryan has functioned both as a recording artist and engineer with numerous bands recently including: Joe McQueenTalia Keys and The LoveGrits Green, Shaky Trade and on his own most recent album entitled Earthestra. With his extensive collection of vintage keyboards and synths and his broad background in recording, education and performance in many genres of music, Ryan is a first call in the state of Utah for wide variety of music needs.

For the past 10 years, Ryan has been a Music and Audio Production teacher at Fast Forward Charter High School, a magnet high school in Northern Utah that specializes in engaging at-risk youth through technology and the arts.

Ryan holds Bachelor degrees in Music Education and Jazz Studies from Utah State University.